Sushi Planet’s locations in Adelaide and Modbury are enjoying a boost of publicity from a cryptocurrency-themed menu.

What’s on the Menu?

The new menu features Nakamoto Nigiri, as straightforward as the creator of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Feeling something more flashy? How about the Lightning Topped Rolls with a second layer of toppings? Feeding a group? No option better than the industriously sized Satoshi Sushi Set – a taste of 21 different rolls to honor the 21 million bitcoins that can be mined in total. In all, there are six cryptocurrency-themed menu items.

So, why reboot the menu? In part, for the publicity.

The crypto community is growing fast, owner Michael Li told a crypto travel agency Travel by Bit. So, even a small percentage of this market will be a huge boost for our business.

That the restaurant’s website doesn’t have the updated menu suggests that it may be a limited-time event. That doesn’t mean that it’s just a gimmick, however.

australian sushi restaurant cryptocurrency menu

What Caused the Change?

The Bitcoin water-marked menu isn’t just a fun way to attract customers. It was part of the restaurant’s announcement that they will now accept crypto.

Any traveller from around the world who wants to dine with us can now pay in crypto, eliminating the process of converting their local currencies to Australian dollars and paying conversion fees, Li told Travel by Bit. There are a lot of benefits and we are future-proofing our business.

A lot of Australians are seeing that benefit as Planet Sushi is one of a number of South Australian businesses now accepting crypto.

There’s Nothing Rotten in Australia

The number of South Australian businesses accepting crypto has skyrocketed since the launch of the Lot 14 initiative. The plan, backed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, according to tech news site Micky, aims to create a more crypto-friendly atmosphere in the region.

Some Australian governmental agencies like the Reserve Bank still haven’t warmed up to cryptocurrency. However, they aren’t openly hostile to it. They have been looking at using elements of some cryptocurrencies to improve payments made with the Australian dollar.

Over all, Australia is one among the friendlier governments when it comes to crypto. Sushi Planet and the other Adelaide businesses are evidence of that.

Sushi Planet’s crypto-themed menu may not be around forever but it looks like cryptocurrency itself will be. On the grand scale of things, Nakamoto Nagiri isn’t the most important thing that’s happening right now. However, on that same scale, what’s happening in South Australia just might be.