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What is Ripple? The Cryptocurrency for Global Payments

ripple cryptocurrency

Even though we are called Bitcoin Australia, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that we trade. We’ve also traded Ether for a while now, and have added some other cryptocurrencies to the roadmap. That includes Ripple (XRP).

So, what is Ripple? And, how does it compare to other cryptocurrencies?

E-commerce Platform AllForCrypto Launches Along With Associated Cryptocurrency

allforcrypto ecommerce platform cryptocurrency

A new marketplace, called AllForCrypto launched earlier this year. Their basic business model is fairly straightforward, but promising. The idea is a peer-to-peer online marketplace using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

So, what does the business look like, and how does it work?

What is Dash? A Cryptocurrency for the Common Folk

Dash coin on hud background with bull trading stock chart and polygon world map.

Bitcoin Australia cryptocurrency exchange has been supporting cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH for a while. So, our content tended to focus mostly on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Any other cryptocurrency, like, say, Dash, for instance, hasn’t gotten that much attention.

Now that Dash is on Bitcoin Australia roadmap, it’s time to play catch up. Here’s everything that you need to know about this crypto.

What is Litecoin?

what is litecoin

Bitcoin.com.au has been offering a simple way for you to buy Bitcoin and Ether for a long time, and since most of our customers are interested in these two cryptocurrencies, our articles have mostly focused on them. As a result, we’ve talked about Satoshi Nakamoto and the Bitcoin whitepaper. We’ve talked about Vitalic Buterin and the Ethereum project. But cryptocurrency is a big space. What about other cryptocurrencies? What about Litecoin?

Since you can also buy Litecoin (LTC) on bitcoin.com.au, let’s now talk a bit about it.

Proposed Australian Currency Restrictions: A Use Case for Cryptocurrencies

Australia flag and cryptocurrency growing trend with many golden bitcoins

The Australian government is currently considering a bill that would restrict cash purchases to under AU$10,000. Many are calling the bill, targeting the black economy, a use case for cryptocurrencies.

So, what does the bill say, and what does it mean for crypto?

The Buzz about Crypto Energy Use

Bitcoin with a world globe in the background synmolising the impact crypto has on environment

Being an electronic currency, Bitcoin and other crypto consume some energy. But, is it enough to be a problem? Some recent press and studies make it sound like it.

Here, we’ll talk about why Bitcoin uses energy and how much energy it uses. That way, you can make up your own mind.

Cryptocurrency Tax Software CrpytoTrader.Tax Now Available in Australia

cryptotrader.tax cryptocurrency tax software

Cryptocurrency traders need to pay taxes for capital gain according to the latest regulations issued by the ATO (Australian Tax Office). The tax authority is planning to create a task force specifically for fighting crypto tax evasion.

US Government Attempts to Turn on Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrencies on a US flag

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have hardly been “under the radar”. However, the buzz over the upcoming Libra may have brought it some unwanted attention. United States Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and President Donald Trump have called for more regulation of crypto.

Now the question is, how serious are they and how much can they actually do?

Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin to Reach $100K as Safe Haven Against Fiat

anthony pompliano - bitcoin reach $100K safe haven against fiat

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and popular Bitcoin bull, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, recently made a couple of big claims. First, Bitcoin will be at $100,000 within two years. Second, half of his net worth is in crypto.

How and Why to Get in on the Bitcoin Bull Market

bitcoin bull market

Bitcoin is decidedly in what investors call a “bull market”.

Depending on your plans to invest, that can mean a number of things. That’s partially because of the nuanced nature of investment and speculation. It’s also partially because of the controversial idea of cryptocurrency as a speculative asset.