You are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but have you ever considered working in the field? One of the great things about decentralised currencies is that they often have decentralised offices. While most cryptocurrency startups and companies have offices in big cities, many, if not most, cryptocurrency workers work remotely.

Unfortunately, this can make looking for a job in the field a little unorthodox. After all, unless you live in a big city, you might not have immediate physical access to a crypto company. You do have constant and immediate digital access to these companies. However, with thousands of countries, keeping an eye on who has what jobs posted can be exhausting.

That’s why Crypto Recruit does it for you.

What Is Crypto Recruit?

Crypto Recruit is a blockchain and cryptocurrency recruiting company based in Sydney.

Other than its unique focus, the platform works like many other recruiting platforms. It has tools for recruiters and tools for job seekers.

How Does It Work?

Companies register with the site and put up their contact info, jobs that they have available, pay, and location. There is also space to describe the job and upload documents.

Job seekers register and post much of the same content. Name, contact information, location, desired positions, and keywords. They also have space to put in additional information and upload a resume.

While both job seekers and companies are required to add a location, both are able to make that location “remote”.

Searching jobs on Crypto Recruit is easy and the bar is always on the top of the page.

Job seekers can search by keyword, desired position, and location. Right now, job recruiters can’t browse through job seekers like they can on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Other Services

The site isn’t just a recruiting platform, it also has other useful tools for recruiters and seekers.

The “Tools and Training” tab has links to online crypto courses and information on some of the latest technology.

The page also has a blog. Topics include resources for job seekers like advice on putting together a resume and how to talk with recruiters. Articles for recruiters include articles on how, when, and why to go about recruiting. There are also articles that would be interesting for anyone, like articles on markets and regulation in the industry.

The decentralised nature of blockchain technology makes it a unique field for recruiters and job seekers. Job seekers don’t need to live near job centres but looking for online postings can be difficult. Similarly, recruiters don’t need to look for people in their area but have trouble finding qualified candidates. Crypto Recruiter is the service we needed to solve this problem.