Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advertising

Have You Seen a Bitcoin Ad?

On the news? On social media? Most people who have been in the game for a while found it themselves or heard about it from a friend.
Blockchain Skills 2020

Blockchain Jobs

Skills gaps are exciting because they mean the industry is growing. In the case of blockchain, it also means that the industry can't grow fast enough.
Australia flag and cryptocurrency growing trend with many golden bitcoins

Proposed Australian Currency Restrictions: A Use Case for Cryptocurrencies

The Australian government is currently considering a bill that would restrict cash purchases to under AU$10,000. Many are calling the bill, targeting the black... cryptocurrency tax software

Cryptocurrency Tax Software CrpytoTrader.Tax Now Available in Australia

Cryptocurrency traders need to pay taxes for capital gain according to the latest regulations issued by the ATO (Australian Tax Office). The tax authority...
cryptocurrencies on a US flag

US Government Attempts to Turn on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have hardly been “under the radar”. However, the buzz over the upcoming Libra may have brought it some unwanted attention. United...
some cryptocurrency coins on a desk

Reserve Bank of Australia Publishes a Brief History of Cryptocurrency

To commemorate ten years of cryptocurrency, the Reserve Bank of Australia has published a paper titled Cryptocurrency: Ten Years On. Authors of the paper...
Ceramic piggy bank with golden Bitcoinon top and calculator symbolising cryptocurrency and tax return

Cryptocurrency and Tax Time: How Should I Prepare My Tax Return?

If you’ve been trading cryptocurrency recently, it’s time to start thinking about how it will affect your tax return. This is even more important...
Microsoft to use blockchain for online security - Microsoft logo at the company office building

Microsoft Is Using Blockchain to Promote Online Security

Microsoft announced last week that they are using the Bitcoin blockchain in a new project to increase online security. The project - called “Identity Overlay...
Bitcoin ATM

Who Can Benefit from the Spread of Crypto ATMs?

Bitcoin is great for online purchases from a number of suppliers. It's also fairly easy and convenient to exchange it online for other currencies. However, as few brick-and-mortar retailers accept it, it's not of much use around town. If only there were crypto ATMs.
australia melbourne

Australians Love Cryptocurrencies, Our Banks Not As Much

Australia is a great place to visit if you want to pay with cryptocurrencies. More and more businesses put a Bitcoin accepted here sign...