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A city in flames with dried earth in the foreground.

Pants On Fire? Researchers Claim Bitcoin Causes Global Warming

As Bitcoin implementation heats up, will the global climate do the same? Researchers at the University of Hawaii want to know. According to a university...
Bitcoin 10th birthday cake

Celebrating 10 Years of the Bitcoin White Paper – Happy Birthday Bitcoin!

2018 has so far been an exciting year for the Bitcoin community. With mainstream adoption growing and Bitcoin ATMs popping up around the world,...
An image of maths equations on a blackboard.

How a Math Teacher From Iceland is Changing the Crypto Mining Game

Iceland is in the spotlight this week following its innovate methods to power the crypto mining network. Proposed by maths teacher Krista Hannesdóttir, the Scandinavian country...
The Role of Blockchain in Solving World’s Food Supply Problems, Discussed in New eBook

The Role of Blockchain in Solving World’s Food Supply Problems, Discussed in New eBook

Blockchain could be the key to solving one of the most critical issues of this planet: the food crisis. This issue is getting worse...
Computer hacker in front of North Korean flag.

North Korean Hackers Make Millions From Cryptocurrency Exchanges

North Korean hacker group Lazarus is responsible for at least five attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, looting an estimated $571.3 million US according to a...
Buda integrates the Lightning Network.

Chilean Buda Exchange Integrates Bitcoin with the Lightning Network

Chilean Buda Exchange is making headlines after integrating Bitcoin into the Lightning Network (LN).   This comes after Buda filed a lawsuit against 10 Chilean banks earlier...
image of Crypto PR Lab founders Alexandra and Masha

Crypto PR Lab Powerhouse Founders Alexandra Karpova and Masha Prusakova

Co-founders of Blockchain and ICO advisory Crypto PR Lab, Alexandra Karpova and Masha Prusakova are making their mark in the crypto community. The two are...

The Winklevoss Twins and the Bitcoin Universe

Rising To Fame: The Infamous Facebook Lawsuit  If you’ve seen David Fincher’s The Social Network, you may already be familiar with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss....
1988 Economist magazine Get Ready for the Phoenix

Has the 1988 Economist Magazine Prediction come true?

The Economist magazine published a January 1988 article titled Get Ready for the Phoenix. Thirty years later, has the phoenix risen at last? According to...

World’s Top Cryptocurrency Scams

Currency scams and illegal business dealings give Bitcoin a bad name. And while Bitcoin Australia likes to show our audience the potential and awesomeness...