A backlit miner drills into rock.

Bitcoin Mining Goes Old School in Norway

Northern Bitcoin is taking crypto mining underground - literally. Citing better security and climate, the group has partnered with Lefdal Data Centre to store mining...
An image of maths equations on a blackboard.

How a Math Teacher From Iceland is Changing the Crypto Mining Game

Iceland is in the spotlight this week following its innovate methods to power the crypto mining network. Proposed by maths teacher Krista Hannesdóttir, the Scandinavian country...

Ethereum and Bitcoin – what is the difference?

In what way is Ethereum different to Bitcoin? In the beginning, there was only one blockchain—Bitcoin. In the seven years since its creation, thousands have...
Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining: Hot or Not?

As Bitcoin continues to soar to new all-time highs, global awareness surrounding cryptocurrencies has exploded. Particularly for newcomers, the idea of mining Bitcoin can...