Cryptocurrency Fund

Crypto as part of portfolio

Bitcoin and other crypto assets have a low correlation to other assets. This means that they are broadly moving independent of more traditional assets classes such as stocks, bonds and commodities. Despite having high volatility, including crypto assets in a portfolio could result in diversification benefits for the investor. I.e. including a limited amount of crypto assets in a portfolio could potentially decrease the overall volatility of the portfolio.

Australia’s premier crypto fund

Bitcoin Australia partners closely with Australia’s Premier Crypto Fund (operating under an Australian Financial Services License), which actively and professionally manages a large portfolio of crypto assets. Our partners make crypto investing easy by removing many of the difficulties associated with directly investing in the crypto asset space. This is done by taking care of research & analysis, security, trading & execution as well as reporting & tax. The Unit Trust is regulated by ASIC in Australia and is open to Wholesale investors with a minimum investment of $50,000.

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