Third edition of Australia’s largest blockchain-focused event, APAC Blockchain Conference, is approaching. Between 21 and 23 July, thought leaders, regulators and innovative startups will share their expertise on all things blockchain.

All the featured speakers from the Asia-Pacific region have a vested interest in speeding up the adoption rate of this technology. The main supporting partner of the conference is The Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), and other partners and sponsors include IBM, as well as Bitcoin Australia.

What Will the APAC Blockchain Conference 2019 Focus On?

The blockchain conference will cover three days. The first one is actually a pre-conference event. During the pre-conference sessions, the attendees will learn in depth about the fundamentals of blockchain and how to start their own blockchain pilot.

Then, equipped with the information they need, they will be able to understand the discussions that will follow. Also, they can become active participants in Q&A sessions and ask relevant questions.

This year, the APAC Blockchain Conference will focus on the practical approach to blockchain, such as:

  • Real world examples of how blockchain works;
  • Practical use cases in various industries;
  • How-to presentations.

Featured Speakers at the Event

As mentioned above, the APAC Blockchain Conference will bring together major stakeholders from the Asia-Pacific region. They come from various backgrounds: from legislators and regulators, to entrepreneurs and start-up owners.

Some of the most prominent featured speakers who will deliver presentations at APAC Blockchain Conference 2019 are for example:

  • Benjamin Hall – Assistant Director at the Australian Public Service;
  • Nick Giurietto – CEO and Managing Director of the Australian Digital Commerce Association;
  • Peter Hiom – Deputy CEO at ASX;
  • Dr. Justo Ortiz – Chairman of the UnionBank of the Philippines;
  • Sophie Gilder – Head of Experimentation – Blockchain, Embodied AI & Emerging Tech at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia;
  • Dr. Marwan Alzarouni – Founder & CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center
  • Henrik Andersson – CIO of Apollo Capital.

What Will You Learn at the Conference?

After the pre-conference day-long event, the first actual conference day will focus on various aspects of implementing blockchain technology. The main topics will revolve around technical and regulatory issues. The speakers will share their views on topics such as the role of governments in the age of blockchain, and using distributed ledger technology for public goods. Discussions will also cover ways of raising capital and managing payments in a complex ecosystem. One panel discussion will also tackle the topic of selecting and implementing a blockchain platform for a business, and one will of course discuss blockchain in Australia. In particular, the panelists will talk about the importance of realising the potential of blockchain and how the technology will impact market and business practices.

During day two of the conference, the topics will revolve around practical aspects of blockchain implementation, such as: managing payments and digital identities, supply chain management and cryptofinance stream. Also, the speakers will approach the issue of the role of blockchain in transforming governments and public service.

The coffee breaks between the events are excellent opportunities to network and meet new people who share common interests and passion for blockchain adoption.

Registration and Attendance

The APAC Blockchain Conference will take place at the UNSW Roundhouse in Sydney. Ticket prices vary depending on the events you want to attend and your role – visitor or approved startup representative.

Also, except for the one-day ticket for the workshop, all the other options include lunch, coffee and after conference drinks. Last but not least, there are group discounts available, starting with groups of 3 persons.