Supporting Bitcoin can mean a lot of things. It can mean spreading awareness or just using crypto. It can mean buying and owning crypto. However, if you want to go above and beyond, you’ll have to put some cash on the table. This hasn’t stopped big investors. However, for the rest of us, putting much money into crypto development is simply not an option.

One would think that developing the cryptocurrency world would be a huge moneymaker. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. Developing is not the same as mining, after all. Working in crypto development is a lot like working in a mint for a fiat currency. You’re literally “making money” but that doesn’t mean you get to keep it.

A new Chinese non-profit called the HardCore.Fund is aiming to change that.

Everything We Know About the Hard Core Fund

There’s not a lot to know just yet about the HardCore.Fund. The fund launched in the winter of last year with the goal of fundraising and donating to those who contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem including individuals, projects, and other forms of organizations and activities.

Donors can donate anonymously or by name and all donors and donees are listed at the site above and on the fund’s GitHub. The site doesn’t list an upper or lower cap on donations. So far, the range is between .01 and 10 BTC, with the average donation being 1.78 BTC.

As of this writing, there have been thirty-four donations totalling just over 60 Bitcoin or around AU$846,000.

The site lists two donees – Luke Dashjr and Ben Woosley, both Bitcoin Core developers. The site doesn’t say how much each donee received. The site says that donees must pass a “comprehensive assessment” but does not give any details on assessment or application.

Who’s Behind It

The HardCore.Fund was founded by Pan Zhibiao and Dovey Wan.

Little is known about Pan but Dovey is an accomplished investor and a vocal crypto advocate. She is a founding partner of the global investment firm Primitive Ventures. She has published on Medium and is active on Twitter.

Why We Need It

Most people reading this probably believe that crypto is the future of money. Unfortunately for those making that future come to life, it isn’t the future yet. As a result, there isn’t always a strong financial incentive for people to contribute to that future. People who do it do it for passion. Of course, you can’t eat passion.

Hopefully, the HardCore.Fund will continue to receive donations and will continue to help to fund the work that is building the economic future for the rest of us.