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“Unlock Your Cryptocurrency Value” – Aussie Company Offers Crypto-Backed Loans

A close up image of a golden bitcoin with an Australian five dollar bill

A new Australian company is offering loans. What makes it unique is that they offer loans backed by cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Connect Conference Calls for Stronger Academic Approach to the Technology

blockchain concept - blockchain digital illuminated shape

Blockchain technology needs a stronger academic approach. This is the key message of the organisers of the upcoming Blockchain Connect conference. The conference will take place in San Francisco on January 11, 2019. Until then, the organisers also opened a call for papers on the topic of blockchain technology.

Top Ten Gifts for a Bitcoin Lover from Society6

No idea what Christmas gift to get for the Bitcoin fanatic in your life? Here are the 10 best Bitcoin and Ethereum-themed products you can buy from artist marketplace Society6, according to us.

The Step-by-Step Guide To Giving Bitcoin This Christmas

Child holding green present

Why give bitcoin as a gift?

From shopping to paying bills to HODLing on, bitcoin is the perfect gift to give this Christmas. Why? Because bitcoin is the perfect gift for…

  • Solving the time old tale of the person who has everything, but doesn’t want a thing
  • Reminding your friends just how awesome, modern and with-it you are
  • Getting your parents to admit you’re the favourite child
  • That office KK present that you left to the last minute

But I can’t afford a whole bitcoin?

No problemo! You can buy as little or as much bitcoin as you like. From $50 to $10,000, the choice is up to you.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer on Bitcoin!

Before you purchase bitcoin, make sure you have a cryptocurrency wallet set up. We recommend using Bread Wallet (BRD) or Blockchain Wallet for Android and iOS.
Still confused? Here’s a quick guide on setting up a Bitcoin wallet.

Now the fun really begins. To buy bitcoin, click here.

It’s time to sleigh – ah send, we mean send, that bitcoin

Follow these steps to send Bitcoin from the Blockchain Wallet app:

  1. Copy the recipient’s wallet address so it’s saved to clipboard
  2. Launch the Blockchain Wallet app
  3. Once your pin is keyed in, tap Send at the bottom corner
  4. Paste recipient’s wallet address in the To field
  5. Type in the amount of bitcoin you want to send in the BTC field. The AUD field next to it will reflect the dollar amount they will receive
  6. Tap Fee Setting (Regular will do, choose Priority if you to speed it up)
  7. Add a description for your records (only you can see this)
  8. Tap Send, verify transaction details and ensure they are correct
  9. Confirm the payment with your PIN or fingerprint

The serious stuff: If bitcoin is sent to the wrong wallet address, it can not be refunded. When sending bitcoin, make sure the address you are sending to is the same as the one that was given to you.

Buy Bitcoin orange button

From all of us at Bitcoin Australia, we wish you a happy and safe Christmas!

Crypto Fans Can Now Buy FINNEY™ – the First Blockchain Smartphone in the World

crypto lovers first blockchain smartphone in the world FINNEY

Cryptocurrency owners do not have to carry a smartphone and a hardware wallet for their Bitcoin anymore. Instead, they can use FINNEY™, the first blockchain smartphone in the world. FINNEY™ is the brainchild of SIRIN LABS. It runs on a proprietary, Google-approved version of Android. Also, it features an embedded cold storage wallet with high level security.

Supermarket Giant Auchan Promotes Food Safety Using Blockchain Technology

blockchain technology for food industry concept

Food safety is one of the greatest concerns at global level. From farm to store shelf, each entity that handles and processes food must ensure that the products are fit for consumption. However, every year we see instances of food tampering or food poisoning outbreaks. Before the authorities step in, and before the source of contamination is pinpointed, people get sick. One supermarket chain wants to do something about this situation. Auchan, the 13th largest food retailer in the world, chose blockchain technology solution by German TE-FOOD, to improve food safety.

A Look at the New Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet from FLX

new cryptocurrency hardware wallet - FLX One

FLX Partnership Limited, a company launched by eSmart, has produced a new cryptocurrency hardware wallet that recently hit the market. In case that wasn’t news enough, the product is currently on its biggest sale ever at nearly half off its regular price.

Crypto Anti-Terrorism and Solving Money Laundering: What You Need to Know About the 2018 G20 Summit

An image of Scott Morrison and Donald Trump shaking hands at the G20 Summit

The G20 Summit has just wrapped up for the year and discussions of new cryptocurrency regulations have emerged. Held in sunny Argentina over the weekend just past, the leaders have declared that stringent crypto regulations will be imposed to counter terrorism and money laundering practices.

Australia’s First Real Estate Crypto Token: How Marlene Liontis’ House Coin will change how Australians invest in property

Marlene Liontis next to the RealRenta logo and a sold sign

Marlene Liontis is shaking up the Australian property market with her real estate cryptocurrency token House Coin. The token gives everyday Australians a better, more affordable way to invest in property and is set be released within the next year.

In this instalment of Women in Crypto, we chat with the crypto pioneer on how her team at RealRenta are tackling the rising problem of unaffordable real estate in Australia.

SEC Chairman Wants to See Additional Improvements in the Market Before Approving Crypto ETFs

A crypto ETF - bitcoin ETF pixelated

This year, crypto enthusiasts witnessed the rejection of several cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposals by the US Securities Exchange Commission. The regulatory body for the capital market based its decisions on security concerns and lack of regulations. The Consensus: Invest 2018 conference, hosted by CoinDesk on November 27, indicated that little has changed in this stance.