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Fidelity Investments Debuts Digital Assets Section

Skyscrapers reach into the night sky illuminated by street lights.

US-based Fidelity Investments announced the launch this week of a digital assets management business catering to hedge funds, corporations and families.

The new branch, Fidelity Digital Assets Service, will offer handling, storage and trade execution services for investors interested in cryptocurrencies.

MasterCard’s Partitioned Blockchain Splits Opinion

Artist renderings of bitcoins representing the MasterCard logo

MasterCard was granted a patent on October 9th for a new method of partitioning blockchains to allow multiple transactions simultaneously.

The patent also noted the cost efficiency of partitioned blockchains — the standard protocol of dividing transactions across ledgers wastes electricity.

Microsoft White Paper Introduces Blockchain-Based Identity Service


In a white paper released this week, Microsoft introduced blockchain-powered decentralised identities (DID) to protect customers’ digital assets. Unlike today’s account-based systems, DIDs are self-owned and operate independent of any company or government to ensure greater security.

Upcoming Bitcoin and Blockchain Events in Australia You Don’t Want to Miss

Blockchain and Bitcoin event speakers and attendees

Looking for some Bitcoin and blockchain-related events in Australia? Here are some of the most interesting ones taking place in October and November.

What is Ethereum and Who is Vitalik Buterin?


In this guide, we explain what is Ethereum and unpack the differences between Ether and Bitcoin.

Coincast TV Episode 10


All eyes on Bali

This week in crypto, all eyes have been on Bali, Indonesia.

Once considered a thriving crypto community before government bans on Bitcoin, Bali held the annual IMF World Bank meeting last week.

The Bali Fintech Agenda and The Future of Bitcoin

The annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank
The IMF and the World Bank come together for the annual meeting.

It’s an exciting time within the global financial market, as discussions are underway at the annual IMF World Bank Meetings. Taking place in Bali, Indonesia from 8th-14th October, this forum provides the opportunity to discuss current economic global issues and hear from key economic leaders.

Pundi X Makes World’s First Blockchain Phone Call


Crypto firm Pundi X made history yesterday after completing the world’s first blockchain phone call.

Coin Rivet reported that the call, made between Punxi X team members, was a success.

No Internet? No Problem! TxTenna – the First App That Lets You Use Bitcoin Offline

TxTenna - the First App That Lets You Use Bitcoin Offline

Internet is not available at all times to all people. Mobile data services can be disrupted and free WiFi is not easily accessible in certain locations across the globe. This is one of the key reasons why Samourai Wallet partnered with goTenna to create the first mobile app for storing and sending Bitcoin that works offline. goTenna specialises in developing consumer-grade mesh networking devices which operate on a peer-to-peer basis.

The Winklevoss Twins and the Bitcoin Universe


Rising To Fame: The Infamous Facebook Lawsuit 

If you’ve seen David Fincher’s The Social Network, you may already be familiar with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Sometimes referred to as Winkelvii or the Facebook Twins, Tyler and Cameron first came to fame following the famous Facebook lawsuit.