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Microsoft Is Using Blockchain to Promote Online Security

Microsoft to use blockchain for online security - Microsoft logo at the company office building

Microsoft announced last week that they are using the Bitcoin blockchain in a new project to increase online security.

Who Can Benefit from the Spread of Crypto ATMs?

Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin is great for online purchases from a number of suppliers. It’s also fairly easy and convenient to exchange it online for other currencies. However, as few brick-and-mortar retailers accept it, it’s not of much use around town. If only there were crypto ATMs.

Australians Love Cryptocurrencies, Our Banks Not As Much

australia melbourne

Australia is a great place to visit if you want to pay with cryptocurrencies. More and more businesses put a Bitcoin accepted here sign on their shop windows. And Aussies are increasingly familiar with the crypto world and blockchain technology. However, despite the regulation in the industry, Australian banks do not share this enthusiasm.

Assange Supporters Donate Thousands in Cryptocurrency

julian assange

Supporters of Julian Assange have donated thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency since his arrest last week, according to news agencies.

Satoshi’s Treasure – a New Game Hiding US$1M in Bitcoin

bitcoin under puzzles

What do you say about a chance to find US$1 million in Bitcoin? Was that a yes? If so, then you should start playing Satoshi’s Treasure, a game co-created by Eric Meltzer, co-founder of Primitive Ventures. The game consists of a series of logical clues that help players locate the keys for the Bitcoin trove.

Building the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry with Crypto Recruit

crypto recruit

You are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but have you ever considered working in the field? One of the great things about decentralised currencies is that they often have decentralised offices. While most cryptocurrency startups and companies have offices in big cities, many, if not most, cryptocurrency workers work remotely.

China Plans to Outlaw Bitcoin Mining Farms

miniature bitcoin miner stading on a physical bitcoin

Unsettling news comes from China for crypto miners: the country considers making mining farms illegal. This information made headlines last week, after an update published by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The NDRC is the top economic planning agency in China. Thus, the recent announcement carries significant weight.

April Showers Bring a Crypto Rally

Bitcoin chart price goes up

Crypto markets have been in a state that investors call a bear market. The trend set in after the decline of crypto markets late last year.

“Bitcoin and Friends” Launches Its Inaugural Webisode

Bitcoin and Friends inaugural webisode

Bitcoin and Friends may not be the crypto show we want, but it may be the crypto show we deserve. At first glance it looks like a family-friendly educational program but don’t watch it with the kids. While there are moments of inspirational or educational dialogue, this show is not for the young. Filled with strong language, drug references, graphic nudity and violence, Bitcoin and Friends is anything but what you’d expect.

The Forward-Moving World of Blockchain Gaming

blockchain gaming - gaming mouse with blue network connection representing blockchain

Gamers were some of the earliest adopters of new technologies like blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies. The crypto-based company HashCash suggests that that might be largely because many games already have on-board payment systems. That’s only one of the reasons that HashCash has developed a system for blockchain gaming. Their technology has the potential to change the ways in which online games are designed and played. But what does it mean and how does it work?