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Consensus 2019 Conference: Exploring the State of the Cryptocurrency World

consensus 2019 cryptocurrency and blockchain event

If you want to know the current state of the cryptocurrency world as well as where it is heading, Consensus 2019 conference, organised by CoinDesk, is an event for you. Since 2015, this event brings together thought leaders, developers, investors and other stakeholders in the blockchain and crypto universe. And this year, the organisers want to encourage participants to find answers to several critical questions.

Are Typosquatters After Your Cryptocurrency?


People often talk about security as being one of the best elements of cryptocurrency. However, being entirely online has allowed a number of new schemes to impact the industry.

VeriBlock Blockchain Is Now Live on the Bitcoin Mainnet

VeriBlock Blockchain Is Now Live on the Bitcoin Mainnet

After one year in the test phase, the VeriBlock blockchain finally went live last Tuesday. The technology developed by the company promises to offer improved security for crypto wallets and transactions.

Why Bitcoin Matters in 2019 According to Aleksandar Svetski

why bitcoin matters aleksandar svetski

With a rocky cryptocurrency market and loads of negative press, some enthusiasts are losing hope. Others, of course, are settling in for what they see as the impending future of a crypto-based world. People in the middle are still asking, or asking once again, does cryptocurrency matter?

First Ever Cryptocurrency Property Auction to Take Place in Australia

property in Asutralia that will be on crypto auction in April 2019

A house in Australia is going up for auction next month. There’s nothing surprising about that except for the payment method. The auctioneer will be calling the bids in cryptocurrency. It’s a world-first in real estate, according to auctioneer James Pratt.

You Can Now Buy Australian Indigenous Art with Bitcoin

The Indigenous Fine Art Gallery buy art with Bitcoin

Bitcoin owners have more and more options for spending the cryptocurrency in their wallets. From the first pizza bought with Bitcoin to the wide range of products and services you can pay for with crypto, we’ve come a long way. And right now there is one more type of product you can buy with digital currency: artwork.

Vitalik Buterin Presents Eth2 and His Views on Future Blockchain Use Cases

vitalik buterin eth2 views on future blockchain use cases

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, held a speech last week, during the TOKEN2049 event in Hong Kong. He took the opportunity to share the latest developments in the status of Eth2.0 with the audience. Also, he spoke about the current state of blockchain adoption and his views on future use cases.

Survey Report Forecasts the Rise of Cryptocurrencies

golden Bitcoin on black background with lights

Private securities marketplace SharesPost recently released findings from their third consumer and investor survey on trends in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The first survey conducted by the firm was in January and the second in July of last year.

IDC Spending Guide Forecasts $2.9 Billion Spending on Blockchain Solutions in 2019

blockchain investments

This year will see a tremendous increase in global spending for blockchain solutions. The latest Spending Guide prepared by International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts a total spending of almost US$2.9 billion worldwide. This would represent over 90% increase from last year, when the total spending on blockchain reached US$1.5 billion.

Crypto Mystery Takes a Darker Turn: Cold Wallets Left Behind by Deceased Bitcoin Exchange Owner Are Found Empty

bitcoin cryptography

What happens when the sole person in charge of a Bitcoin exchange suddenly dies? There should be a backup person that knows the passwords and allows the customers to get their funds back. Unfortunately, that was not the case of Quadriga – the largest crypto exchange in Canada. When its owner suddenly died back in December, he took the access passwords to the grave with him.