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Venezuelan Economist Writes about How Bitcoin Saved His Family

Bitcoin over Venezuelan currency bolívar

Venezuelan economist, Carlos Hernández, wrote an op-ed about the importance of cryptocurrency in a volatile economy. The article, published in the New York Times this weekend, was based on his personal experiences.

Andreas Antonopoulos on the Future of Crypto as a Global Currency

Andreas Antonopoulos Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos, a leading expert on cryptocurrencies, gave a talk that some are calling ‘The State of the Crypto Industry’. Though only recently uploaded, the talk is actually a few years old. While some specific examples seem dated, much of the content is more pertinent now than ever.

Bitcoin Symbol Now Available on Google Keyboard on Apple Devices

Computer keyboard button with the word bitcoin, and bitcoin symbol

Apple device users can now include the Bitcoin symbol in their texts. The latest update to the Google keyboard for iOS, places this symbol ahead of all the other currency symbols. This is the second time Google makes concessions to cryptocurrencies. Last year, in September, the internet giant lifted the ban on cryptocurrency ads for Google Adwords.

South Australian Government Adopts Blockchain Technology for Upcoming Elections

View of downtown area in Adelaide, South Australia, at twilight

The government of South Australia will organise the first elections based on blockchain technology. The government awarded the contract for this important project to Horizon State. The company has a proven experience in blockchain implementation for elections.

Over 700% Surge in Worldwide Venues Accepting Bitcoin in the Last 5 Years

bitcoin world map
According to CoinMap, a site that monitors cryptocurrency acceptance, there is over a 700% surge in the number of business venues that accept payment in Bitcoin since 2013.

Rio Carnival Includes Bitcoin in Social Commentary on Money

Rio Carnival and Bitcoin

The unique Brazilian Carnival held every year in Rio is going to feature Bitcoin this year. That is exciting in itself. However, the context in which it is placed is more illuminating. Event participants have woven Bitcoin into a nuanced commentary on the history and future of money in Brazilian culture.

Josh Riddett Shares Insider Knowledge on the World of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Mining

Josh Riddett Interview Bitcoin Australia - BItcoin UK

Josh Riddett is one of the rising names in the cryptocurrency world. His company, Easy Crypto Hunter, is one of the biggest cryptocurrency hardware suppliers in the UK. Riddett doesn’t just know machines, he also knows the ins and outs of cryptocurrency markets. Not long ago, he talked to Bitcoin UK about the past, present, and future of crypto.

Zealots and Villains: Clothing for the Crypto Revolution

Zealots and Villains: Clothing for the Crypto Revolution

Some of us that are really dedicated to cryptocurrencies are willing to wear that on our sleeves. If you ever wanted to do that literally, you should know about a fairly unique company that sells clothes inspired by crypto.

Twitter CEO Believes Bitcoin May Become the Native Currency of the Internet

bitcoin bull

The internet will soon have a native currency. And chances are that it will be Bitcoin. These are the opinions of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Speaking as a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Dorsey talked about his vested interest in Bitcoin. Apart from his role at Twitter, he is also the co-founder of mobile payments company Square. This company developed the Cash App, a platform which also allows users to buy Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Goes to Hollywood: “Cryptos” TV Show Starring Kevin Connolly

TV show Cryptos poster

Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin will soon be the stars of a new TV series “Cryptos”. This is the latest project of “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly. A newcomer to the cryptocurrency world, Connolly will be working both in front of and behind the camera.