Setting up your SMSF

Bitcoin Australia partners with New Brighton Capital, an accountancy specialised in self-managed superannuation funds.

Individual or corporate SMSF trustee — which should I choose?

Deciding between an individual or corporate trustee set up for your SMSF is the hardest part of the entire process. Once understood the rest is a piece of cake. This video from the ATO explains the differences in simple language so you can decide which one is right for you.

Starting your crypto SMSF is easy with us

Individual Trustee

$ 110 /mo*
+ $330 upfront
+ $660 paid from the SMSF after set up

Corporate Trustee

$ 110 /mo*
+ $660 upfront
+ $660paid from the SMSF after set up
*Monthly fee is direct debited. The first direct debit will bring the fund up to date for the financial year. i.e. $660 plus $110 for each month from the start of the financial year to the first direct debit. ATO SMSF Levy not included (currently $518 p.a. for the first year after setup and $259 p.a. for the subsequent years.
  • ATO approved
  • No lock-in contract
  • 200 transactions p.a. included
  • Lodge ABN
  • Lodge TFN
  • Covers all future tax returns, audits, lodgements, compliance and accounting expenses
  • No need to cancel your old fund

Things to know

Know your responsibilities

All trustees/directors of an SMSF are equally responsible for the running of the fund for the benefit of its members. You should understand your responsibilities before setting up your fund. More information can be found on the ATO website here.

Keep separate accounts

All SMSF accounts and transfers must be kept totally separate from your personal accounts. That means you need to set up dedicated SMSF accounts for banking and cryptocurrency purchases.

No borrowing, leveraging or shorting

You cannot borrow, leverage or short any crypto within the SMSF.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to close down my current super accounts if I have an SMSF?

    No. If you would like to keep your current fund’s performance you can just withdraw a portion of the funds to allocate to crypto through an SMSF.

  • Am I stuck with New Brighton Capital or Bitcoin Australia if I set anything up through you?

    No. You are the full owner of your fund and neither New Brighton Capital or Bitcoin Australia have control over your funds. You are not tied to us in any way. After establishment fees are paid from your super, there are no lock-in contracts.

  • How long does it take to set up an SMSF?

    New Brighton Capital set up your SMSF within 24 hours. It can take a few weeks for your other super fund to send your money to your SMSF bank account and get your fund approved by the ATO. You will be walked through the process and New Brighton Capital assists you at every step of the way.

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