Tamara Mrak – Content Lead

Tamara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philology (Spanish and English language), and two Master’s degrees – one in Philology and another one in Public Relations and Marketing Management. She has worked with individuals, companies and organisations, both for- and non-profit, in diverse industries, including technology, fintech, edutech, telecom, and publishing, mostly focusing on marketing, PR and editorial work. She is enthusiastic about crypto, blockchain and technology in general.

Located in Europe, Tamara has been a part of Bitcoin.com.au’s remote team since 2015. For the past 5 years, together with the Australian team, she has been working on various marketing and PR efforts. Her focus has mostly been on digital marketing, content marketing and social media. Tamara is passionate about working on cryptocurrency-related educational content. She believes that educational content is important in every industry, but in the cryptocurrency industry, it is of the utmost importance, as the industry is still pretty young. She owns a few satoshis but decides to hodl.

Tamara Mrak - Content Lead
Content Lead at bitcoin.com.au

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