welcomes OKEx

We are proud to announce our new partnership with cryptocurrency trading professionals OKEx, the world's leading one-stop crypto exchange.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with cryptocurrency trading professionals OKEx, the world’s leading one-stop crypto exchange.
OKEx provides advanced financial services to traders globally by using blockchain technology. OKEx provides hundreds of token and futures trading pairs to help traders optimise their strategy. OKEx is one of the top digital asset exchanges by trading volume, serving millions of users in over 100 countries. Their BTC futures trade has nearly $1.5 billion of volume daily and is widely recognised as the gold standard for the industry.

About the promotion

We’re helping OKEx spread the word of their exclusive promotion for users. Any customer that signs up to the OKEx exchange will get up to 100 bonus USDT (Tether) that can only be used for trading fees on the OKEx platform. The bonus USDT is calculated based on trading volume and is limited to a specific number of users, so be quick or you may miss out on this amazing opportunity. That means you will save up to $100USDT worth of trading fees. Happy days!

Trading Volume Bonus USDT Trading Fee Credit Limited to First
100 USDT 10 USDT 100 users
200 USDT 20 USDT 50 users
500 USDT 50 USDT  20 users
1,000 USDT 100 USDT 10 users

What is USDT (Tether)

Tether is a stablecoin which defines itself as a “Fiat currencies on the Bitcoin blockchain”. A digital token backed by fiat currency provides individuals and organisations with a robust and decentralised method of exchanging value while using a familiar accounting unit. The innovation of blockchains is an auditable and cryptographically secured global ledger. Asset ­backed token issuers and other market participants can take advantage of blockchain technology, along with embedded consensus systems, to transact in familiar, less volatile currencies and assets. In order to maintain accountability and to ensure stability in exchange price, we propose a method to maintain a one­-to-­one reserve ratio between a cryptocurrency token, called tethers, and its associated real­-world asset, fiat currency. This method uses the Bitcoin blockchain, Proof of Reserves, and other audit methods to prove that issued tokens are fully backed and reserved at all times.”

If you would like to know more about Tether, you can read the entire white paper here.
Ticker symbol: USDT
Symbol: ₮

What does this mean for customers?

This partnership and promotion will allow customers to buy cryptocurrencies using their fiat currencies through and then enter and explore crypto-to-crypto trading through the OKEx exchange and trading platforms.

Buy your cryptocurrency

To help you get started with crypto-to-crypto trading, we would recommend using our service to buy crypto with your local (fiat) currency.

Sign up to OKEx

Once you have your crypto, sign up and complete your registration with OKEx.


  • This promotional campaign is run exclusively by OKEx.
  • OKEx is independent from our services and has their own separate terms of use, privacy policy and other related agreements.
  • We ( have no control on outcomes nor do we derive any benefit from this promotion.
  • This should not be considered as an endorsement of OKEx products or services.
  • Please read OKEx Promotion Details and Disclaimers.

Terms and conditions

  • During the event (Friday 17 July 2020 to Monday 17 August 2020), participants need to register using the following link and pass KYC1.
  • Participants need to trade with a minimum trading volume of 100 USDT on OKEx to be eligible for the USDT bonus. The standard of selecting for selecting winners is based on the trading volume across the different levels of USDT bonus on offer.
  • The bonus can only be consumed as a trading fee on OKEx.
  • Any suspicious behaviour like malicious registration, trading or multi-accounting will disqualify you from this promotion.
  • OKEx reserves the right to vary the terms of, or cancel, the promotion at any time without liability to any entrant or other person, subject to applicable laws”.
  • OKEx will give out the reward within 7 working days after the campaign (Thursday 20 August 2020).
  • OKEx keeps the final explanation.