About us

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Our story

Our primary objective has been clear from the outset: to establish the simplest and most secure avenue for Australians to buy Bitcoin and crypto. However, our aspirations extend beyond this. We are dedicated to the transformation of cryptocurrency technology into robust, regulated financial services, always adhering to the highest standards of integrity.

We take immense pride in serving over 300,000 Australian customers. Our core mission remains unwavering: to be the go-to platform for buying Bitcoin in Australia, uncomplicated and hassle-free. We continually strive to innovate, introducing new features and cultivating partnerships that enhance the value we provide to you.

We are underpinned by our commitment to security. We've implemented rigorous measures, including 2-factor authentication, ISO 27001 certification, and state-of-the-art underground vaults to ensure the safeguarding of your data and cryptocurrency holdings. Your peace of mind is paramount to us.

  • Local

    We’re Australian owned and operated since 2013. Trusted by over 300,000 customers.
  • Simple

    Our mission is to be the simplest and safest place in Australia for you to buy Bitcoin and crypto.
  • Safe

    Making sure your crypto is secure is our top priority. We undergo regular audits and penetration testing.

Our governance

bitcoin.com.au is a registered Australian company (ABN 46 164 257 069). We are registered as a Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) with AUSTRAC: DCE-100461150-001.


owned and operated


registered crypto exchange

ISO 27001

certified and recognised

Leadership team

The bitcoin.com.au team brings decades of experience in regulation, traditional finance, risk management, and IT security.

Adrian Przelozny

Adrian Przelozny

CEO & Managing director

Co-founder of bitcoin.com.au, Adrian’s career spans more than 15 years of information technology, specializing in the design and development of critical business systems.

Roman Stefanidi

Roman Stefanidi

CTO & Executive director

Roman has spent over fifteen years developing enterprise-level pricing and trading software for financial institutions.

Rachel Cobb

Rachel Cobb

Non-executive director

Rachel has over 15 years experience leading financial services businesses with deep expertise in strategy and risk management. Rachel was formerly a Managing Director in GE Consumer Finance.

John Wigglesworth

John Wigglesworth

Non-executive director

After a 36 year career at KPMG, John has joined bitcoin.com.au’s board and chairs the Audit Committee. He brings over 30 years of professional experience working with leading Australian and global companies, with specific expertise in finance reporting, control, governance and risk.

The safety of your assets is our top priority

  • 1:1 reserves

    We maintain a full 1:1 reserve of all your fiat and crypto assets.

    We hold the majority of crypto assets in ultra-secure offline cold storage, protected in underground vaults with the highest security.

  • Audited

    Our financial records are meticulously maintained, with a debt-free balance sheet. Each year, we enlist external auditors to conduct a comprehensive review of our financial statements, adhering to Australian Accounting Standards. This audit encompasses the verification of all fiat and cryptocurrency holdings held in custody on behalf of our clients.

  • Segregated funds

    Customer funds are never mixed. We maintain strict separation of all client assets, guaranteeing the availability of your funds when you require a withdrawal.

    We’re committed to ensuring the security of your assets. That’s our pledge to you.

  • Sole custodian

    bitcoin.com.au is the sole custodian of all crypto assets held on our platform. Custody is managed in Australia and we do not use any third-party custodians.

    We adhere to industry best practices and never lend, trade or reinvest your assets.