Trading fees

Fees structure displayed below is accurate as at 29 August 2019.

Payment method

At Bitcoin Australia we offer a range of payment methods, each with varying fee structure. 


For Bitcoin & Ethereum purchases, we charge a 5% commission on your purchase amount.  


For Newsagent (blueshyft) and flexepin payment methods we apply a 2% surcharge to the purchase amount after the commission has been added.

Fees table

Payment methodCommissionSurcharge
Newsagent (blueshyft)5% 2%
Flexepin Voucher5%2%

(We apply GST to the commission and surcharge amount.)

Transaction fees

Unlike other exchanges who have user accounts and will charge you deposit, withdrawal and transaction fees, at Bitcoin Australia we do not charge any transaction fees. 

This benefits you because we don’t have the cost holding any cryptocurrency funds for our customers within user accounts. 

Instead our simple approach is to allow you to provide your own Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet address when buying from us. 

Please Note: fees shown above are for fees charged by Bitcoin Australia. Some  payment providers including banks may also have their own charges such as transfer fees.