Getting Started

Getting started with is easy. Simply click the create account button on the top right-hand corner, enter your username and password, and you now have a registered account with us.

If you are an Australian Resident and are opening an individual account, you may be eligible for a FastTrack account that will allow you instant access to deposit funds and trade.

Entering your personal details

By law, we are required to request your first and last name, date of birth, and address. This data must be entered accurately, as we verify this before activating your account.

Please note verifies clients on an individual basis and reserves the right to approve a client for trading.

Securing your account

Your account is the single access point for you into the cryptocurrency markets and to your coins. Such an important access point requires extensive security and is proud of our excellent track record in account security and the range of security measures available to you.

Your password

Your password is the first layer of security when accessing your account. allows you to pick a password of your choice. It is crucial that you choose a password that is difficult for a computer to guess.

Tips on selecting a good, strong password:

For a strong, hard-to-break password, length is key. Use passwords at least 8 characters long — the longer the better. You can use either long sentences in plain English or long randomly generated passwords.

Never use obvious passwords like 12344321 or myun1quepa55word. These are relatively easy to break.

Never use the same password for different websites. Your password for your account should be unique.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

To protect your account against unauthorised access, we recommend that your account is protected with two-factor authentication (2FA). Every account at allows 2FA to be enabled. If enabled, it means that at the login screen, a user cannot access the account using only a username and password, the user must also have access to a mobile phone or third-party authentication device when logging in.

Most people are familiar with 2FA, though perhaps unfamiliar with the term. Every time you make a withdrawal at an ATM, 2FA is employed. It means that to proceed, you must be identified in two different ways. You are identified primarily with your debit card (a physical token), and secondly with your PIN (something you remember). Neither your debit card or PIN is useful to a thief by itself.

At, the same principle applies, although instead of shipping you a physical token, you can install software on your mobile phone that generates a new code every 30 seconds. This works the same way as a physical token. You will need to have your phone with you to login to your account.

Storing your username and password separately to your 2FA device helps ensure your account can only be accessed by you. strongly recommends that all account holders enable two-factor authentication.

Google Authenticator

Our mechanism for implementing 2FA is software known as Google Authenticator. It is very simple to use, and can be installed for free on Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. This includes iPhones, iPods, most Samsung and Nokia telephones as well as a variety of other devices. On iOS or Android, look up Google Authenticator by Google Inc. on your device. If you have a Windows Phone device, look up Authenticator by Microsoft Corporation.

If you are unable to install any of the three applications listed above, there may be alternatives for your device, but please use your own discretion, as we are unable to review all third-party software. 

Validating your email address

It is important that we validate your email address for a number of reasons. To trade with, we recommend that you enable two-factor authentication, or 2FA. In the event you are unable to authenticate using 2FA, or you forget your password, this email address will be used to help verify who you are. If you are unable to authenticate using 2FA or you forget your password and you are unable to verify ownership of this email address, you will no longer have access to your account. We also use this email address for sending you various notifications about your account activity.

Validating a mobile number

A valid mobile number is required for the same reason we require a valid email address. That is, in the event you are unable to authenticate using 2FA, or you forget your password, this telephone number will be required to identify you.

The mobile number must be capable of receiving SMS messages, as we will use SMS to send you a code that can be used to identify you.

Verifying your identity

Having completed the previous steps, we now need to verify your identity. We are legally obligated to do this before activating your account for buying and selling .

To verify your account, you will be prompted for a lot of personal information. The information requested will be verified against various databases, so it is important the information is completely accurate before submitting, or we may not be able to verify you. This information will also be checked against various AML (anti-money laundering) and CTF (counter-terrorism financing) databases.

If the information you have provided is accurate, in most cases your account should be approved immediately, and your account will be activated. There may be some cases where we are still unable to identify you for one reason or another. Please contact us via the Support screen, and we will be happy to investigate your case and see if we can help.

IP addresses monitors the IP addresses (a unique string of numbers that identifies every device using the internet) that are used to access each account. If detects that there is an IP address attempting to access your trading account that has not been used to access your account previously, access to your account is restricted. The person attempting to access the account is prompted to provide additional information to to ensure that they are the account holder.

This process is followed for every new IP address range used to access your account.

Trouble logging in?

If you’re an existing client and are having trouble logging in, the fastest resolution is via our unable to log in form. Alternatively send us an email at [email protected].

Other support queries

If you are able to login, please request assistance via our support screen. This allows you to send us messages securely, protecting any sensitive data related to your account.

If you are a new user, you can email us at [email protected].

Please note that we will never ask you for your password and it is never safe to give out your password.