How 21 Crypto’s Jen Hill is Making Sure Every Voice is Heard in the Bitcoin and Crypto Community

How 21 Crypto’s Jen Hill is Making Sure Every Voice is Heard in the Bitcoin and Crypto Community

This week on Women in Crypto, we had the pleasure of speaking with the inspiring leader, writer and crypto pioneer, Jen Hill.

We discover how she came to be a reporter for the 21 Cryptos Magazine and how Jen is making crypto space for everyone.

Jen Falls Down the Crypto Rabbit Hole

It’s the end of the working day in Durham, North Carolina when Jen Hill sits down to chat. What quickly becomes apparent is her enthusiasm, dedication and passion for all things crypto. You would never guess that its 5 pm on Monday — when many of us couldn’t get out of the office door quick enough.

I started researching different coins but then also blockchain technology, and the opportunity for women and underrepresented minorities in the space.

What also becomes apparent is how Jen is guided by a philosophy to make crypto space for all. She works to ensure minority groups, the marginalised and the underrepresented alike can feel a part of the industry. This has fuelled her passion for crypto from the beginning, after her partner Omer introduced her to the world of Bitcoin.

“I got into the technology of Bitcoin,” Jen says. “I started researching the opportunity for women and underrepresented minorities in the space.”

Making Crypto a Place for All

Realising that an emerging technology like Bitcoin didn’t have the barriers to entry like other STEM industries, Jen has made it her mission to bring everyone into the space. This has manifested into Project Bitmobile, where Jen travels across America in her trusty 2000 Fleetwood Discovery RV to bring tech to marginalised groups.

Jen Hill in front of Bitmobile bus
Jen and her Bitmobile RV on a C-Block tour across America

From this project, the C-Block program was born. Using her expertise running summer camps, C-Block educates young, underprivileged women in coding, cybersecurity, cryptography and blockchain technology. It’s about helping women navigate the male-dominated tech industry. C-Block does this by “providing programs for girls that they’re not getting from somewhere else”.

And the results so far have been incredible. Jen passionately reflects on the success of the program, and the long-term impact it can have on young women.

“The first program we did was with all African American girls. Most of them didn’t have laptops so part of the program was we got laptops donated from a local corporation. So they all got laptops to take home. It was really amazing.”

Using 21 Cryptos as a Platform for Good

Jen’s inspiring work through C-Block and Project Bitmobile have not gone without the recognition she deserves. In fact, as a result of these programs, Jen was spotted by the infamous 21 Cryptos Magazine, where she now works as a feature reporter. Covering everything from the Burning Man festival to crypto conferences, Jen is continuing to mark her mark in the industry. At the same time, she raises funds for her summer programs to continue.

There’s a big divide that kind of happens naturally [between men and women in tech] and it’s nobody’s fault. We have to provide programs for girls to make up for that because they’re not getting it from somewhere else.

Importantly, Jen is using the 21 Cryptos platform to encourage greater representation in the industry. Highlighting women and other groups in her writing, she is showcasing role models in the crypto space. It is through these role models, Jen believes that everyone can feel a part of the industry.

An image of Jen handing out computer at the c-block program
Jen mentoring young girls through her C-Block program.

Representation in the Crypto Industry

And this is something everyone can do, Jen explains. From hiring a diverse range of employees to ensuring everyone has is represented in meetings – every voice needs to be accounted for. It’s about ensuring “when you organise a conference, men, women and minorities are on each panel,” Jen insists. Only then, does Jen believe “true inclusivity” can be achieved.

But Jen isn’t stopping there. In only a few weeks time, she will be speaking at the Blockland Cleveland conference about the importance of specialised summer programs and the need to include women and underrepresented groups. Like many in the space, we’re excited to watch how Jen fights to change the crypto world for good.

To keep up with Jen’s latest projects, you can follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog.

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