australian sushi restaurant cryptocurrency themed menu

Australian Sushi Restaurant Rolls Out Cryptocurrency-Themed Menu

Sushi Planet’s locations in Adelaide and Modbury are enjoying a boost of publicity from a cryptocurrency-themed menu.
some cryptocurrency coins on a desk

Reserve Bank of Australia Publishes a Brief History of Cryptocurrency

To commemorate ten years of cryptocurrency, the Reserve Bank of Australia has published a paper titled Cryptocurrency: Ten Years On. Authors of...
antoni trenchev on CNBC says bitcoin doubters are having hard time

Why Nexo’s Co-Founder Says Bitcoin Doubters Are “Having a Really Hard Time”

With Bitcoin continuing its upward trend, it can be hard for crypto advocates to understand why there are still doubters.
Ceramic piggy bank with golden Bitcoinon top and calculator symbolising cryptocurrency and tax return

Cryptocurrency and Tax Time: How Should I Prepare My Tax Return?

If you’ve been trading cryptocurrency recently, it’s time to start thinking about how it will affect your tax return. This is even...
Image of the binary code from bright green digits, with the image of the physical bitcoin

The HardCore.Fund Supports Those Who Support Bitcoin

Supporting Bitcoin can mean a lot of things. It can mean spreading awareness or just using crypto. It can mean buying and...

Bitcoin (Briefly) Reaches 1 Million Active Users

While Bitcoin is (almost) completely anonymous, it's also completely transparent. It's not always easy to know who owns a blockchain address. However,...
bitcoin symbol

Did You Know You Can Use the Bitcoin Symbol in Microsoft Excel?

You’re keeping the books and running the numbers. If you have money in dollars, euros, pounds, Excel has your back. But, what...
Putting a bitcoin in a piggy bank - cryptocurrency investment

Can Cryptocurrency Be a Hedge Against Economic Uncertainty?

Every investment has its risk. However, high-risk investments are also often high reward. That doesn’t mean that you should stay away from...
cryptocurrency exchanges KYC compliance

What Is KYC Compliance and How Can It Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe?

Cryptocurrency is largely known for two things (besides price volatility) and that’s privacy and decentralisation. Decentralisation largely means deregulation and these are...
crypto wallet

Protecting Cryptocurrency Wallets from Digital Thieves

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are known for their security. However, wherever there is value there will be people trying to...