julian assange

Assange Supporters Donate Thousands in Cryptocurrency

Supporters of Julian Assange have donated thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency since his arrest last week, according to news agencies.
bitcoin under puzzles

Satoshi’s Treasure – a New Game Hiding US$1M in Bitcoin

What do you say about a chance to find US$1 million in Bitcoin? Was that a yes? If so, then you should...
crypto recruit

Building the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry with Crypto Recruit

You are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but have you ever considered working in the field? One of the great things about...
Bitcoin chart price goes up

April Showers Bring a Crypto Rally

Crypto markets have been in a state that investors call a bear market. The trend set in after the decline of crypto...
Bitcoin and Friends inaugural webisode

“Bitcoin and Friends” Launches Its Inaugural Webisode

Bitcoin and Friends may not be the crypto show we want, but it may be the crypto show we deserve. At first...
blockchain gaming - gaming mouse with blue network connection representing blockchain

The Forward-Moving World of Blockchain Gaming

Gamers were some of the earliest adopters of new technologies like blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies. The crypto-based company HashCash suggests that that...
consensus 2019 cryptocurrency and blockchain event

Consensus 2019 Conference: Exploring the State of the Cryptocurrency World

If you want to know the current state of the cryptocurrency world as well as where it is heading, Consensus 2019 conference,...

Are Typosquatters After Your Cryptocurrency?

People often talk about security as being one of the best elements of cryptocurrency. However, being entirely online has allowed a number...
VeriBlock Blockchain Is Now Live on the Bitcoin Mainnet

VeriBlock Blockchain Is Now Live on the Bitcoin Mainnet

After one year in the test phase, the VeriBlock blockchain finally went live last Tuesday. The technology developed by the company promises...
why bitcoin matters aleksandar svetski

Why Bitcoin Matters in 2019 According to Aleksandar Svetski

With a rocky cryptocurrency market and loads of negative press, some enthusiasts are losing hope. Others, of course, are settling in for...