anthony pompliano - bitcoin reach $100K safe haven against fiat

Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin to Reach $100K as Safe Haven Against Fiat

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and popular Bitcoin bull, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, recently made a couple of big claims. First, Bitcoin will be at $100,000...
bitcoin bull market

How and Why to Get in on the Bitcoin Bull Market

Bitcoin is decidedly in what investors call a "bull market". Depending on your plans to invest, that can mean a number of things. That's partially...
antoni trenchev on CNBC says bitcoin doubters are having hard time

Why Nexo’s Co-Founder Says Bitcoin Doubters Are “Having a Really Hard Time”

With Bitcoin continuing its upward trend, it can be hard for crypto advocates to understand why there are still doubters. Antoni Trenchev of Nexo recently...
Ceramic piggy bank with golden Bitcoinon top and calculator symbolising cryptocurrency and tax return

Cryptocurrency and Tax Time: How Should I Prepare My Tax Return?

If you’ve been trading cryptocurrency recently, it’s time to start thinking about how it will affect your tax return. This is even more important...
Putting a bitcoin in a piggy bank - cryptocurrency investment

Can Cryptocurrency Be a Hedge Against Economic Uncertainty?

Every investment has its risk. However, high-risk investments are also often high reward. That doesn’t mean that you should stay away from them, it...
max keiser bitcoin reach US$100,000 - kitco news interview

Max Keiser Remains Confident That Bitcoin Will Reach US$100,000

Finance expert, talk show host, and Bitcoin enthusiast, Max Keiser, returned to KITCO News last week. In an interview on the market news channel...
Bitcoin chart price goes up

April Showers Bring a Crypto Rally

Crypto markets have been in a state that investors call a bear market. The trend set in after the decline of crypto markets late...
consensus 2019 cryptocurrency and blockchain event

Consensus 2019 Conference: Exploring the State of the Cryptocurrency World

If you want to know the current state of the cryptocurrency world as well as where it is heading, Consensus 2019 conference, organised by...
golden Bitcoin on black background with lights

Survey Report Forecasts the Rise of Cryptocurrencies

Private securities marketplace SharesPost recently released findings from their third consumer and investor survey on trends in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The first survey conducted...
blockchain investments

IDC Spending Guide Forecasts $2.9 Billion Spending on Blockchain Solutions in 2019

This year will see a tremendous increase in global spending for blockchain solutions. The latest Spending Guide prepared by International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts...